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Pike is the industry leader in implementing digital solutions and using technology tools to optimize our operational performance. From virtual reality training for our line workers and real-time project-level dashboards to advanced drone and sensor technologies, here are some of our technology initiatives, which you can also take advantage of as a Pike customer.

Pike routinely uses drones to survey grid assets for maintenance purposes, as well as to assess damage from storms. We also deploy drones on an as-needed basis to scout access routes, provide construction support and verify or record project work.

By tagging every tool in the field and tracking their whereabouts, we are able to minimize tool loss, enhance job tracking and optimize time in the field by alerting crews before they leave the yard.

Pike’s VR Training platform is the most realistic and efficient method for training line workers, with layered analytics to assess and measure the individual trainee as well as our workforce as a whole.

No matter what size project you have, we’re here to help you get it done. Please fill out the information below and someone on our Technology team will be in touch with you within one business day.


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