Carlos Villarreal "Pike gives me the chance to learn and move up, and I like that. I’m really interested in our career development program. I want to stick around with Pike – it’s a great company." Carlos Villarreal

Pike culture As you read the comments our employees have made about why they like to work at Pike, you’ll see some common traits.




Our employees know what they do is important. They feel good about that. And so does Pike’s leadership. That’s why the majority of our supervisors and senior leaders are promoted from within the company. We give you the tools you need to do a good job – and Stay Safe. We reward hard work. And you’ll know you’ve earned it.

Join Pike. Feel proud.

Pike and the Professional Bull Riders Association

Professional Bull Riders logo Click below to view our Professional Bull Rider video, to get an idea of what our culture’s all about – and the way we see our roles.